RAID and /boot partitions

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Wed Jul 2 19:53:54 UTC 2008

redhatdude at wrote:
> Hi,
> When creating a RAID 1 in F9.
> Does it make sense to make the /boot partition on both discs a RAID too?
> I have /boot and / as RAID 1 (dm-0 and dm-1). If I disconnect one of the drives, the computer freezes. Isn't the RAID supposed to keep it running?
> I'm really new to this, so any help is appreciated.
Are you sure /boot is on a raid partition, and not on a dm pseudo 
device? If you created a partition on your drives, made a raid-1 of the 
two partitions (100-200MB is good), and then did whatever with the rest 
of your disk, you should be fine.

If you made one huge raid array and used dm to break it up, you are not 
fine. Do "cat /proc/mdstat" and see that there is a small raid-1 for 
boot, and "df" to check that /dev/mdX is mounted on /boot. If that's the 
case you should be good, otherwise you probably don't boot off one drive.

NOTE: your BIOS may not boot off the 2nd drive if the 1st drive is 
present and has data errors, should if the 1st drive is dead. Some BIOS 
do, some don't.

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