Latest updates break graphic start of Fedora

Antonio M antonio.montagnani at
Thu Jul 3 14:38:19 UTC 2008

2008/7/3 Mike Burger <mburger at>:
>> 2008/7/3 Antonio M <antonio.montagnani at>:
>>> I updated Fedora 9 short ago (my system is fully upand when I
>>> re-booted I get the complete graphical procedure and then  a blank
>>> screen!!!!
>>> I re-booted in runlevel 3 and I issued a startx and everything went
>>> fine.
>>> What is wrong????
>>> I am uing intel graphic driver, with iwl3945 wireless adapter.
>>> Furtehrmore, after a while the system freezes.
>>> What is going on????
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>>> Antonio Montagnani
>>> Skype : antoniomontag
>> I apologize for so much mistyping :-)
>> Anyway I re-booted in runlevel 3 and with kernel
>> and so far I have not experienced any freezing (I will check again but
>> I think that system froze after Firefox start-up)
>> For the blank screen issue, what is the component to be filed against?
>> Bad news as system froze anyway during firefox use.
>> I guess that all issues are strictly connected.
> With regard to the "blank screen"...I'm assuming that is happening after
> the graphical boot sequence...the one that shows all the various service
> starting, etc.
> I'm running into the same issue, using an Nvidia card.
> It's not an indication that the system is's that the system
> switched to TTY7, which is where the graphical environment is supposed to
> start.
> Instead, all I do is press ALT-F1 to get to the first console terminal,
> log in, run "sudo init 3" to bring the system to runlevel 3 (text only
> mode), then "sudo init 5 ; exit" to bring the system back to runlevel 5
> (graphical mode) and then exit that particular shell.
> The system then comes up with the login for the GUI desktop.
> I do wonder if it has to do with the desktop environment selected.  I run
> KDE (don't have Gnome installed)...which desktop environment are you
> using?
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> Mike Burger
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Alt-F1 is not working on my system!!! so our problems are not
completely similar.

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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