Can't get CNN video sound ??

Antti J. Huhtala ahuhtal4 at
Thu Jul 3 19:39:58 UTC 2008

to, 2008-07-03 kello 20:19 +0100, Anne Wilson kirjoitti:
> On Thursday 03 July 2008 20:08:25 William Case wrote:
> > I am somewhat of a media newbie.  In F8 I was able to setup/get sound
> > with videos.  YouTube and CNN for example, remain silent for me in F9.
> Silly question, Bill.  Have you looked at mixer settings?  It seems that there 
> are many hidden channels on a lot of sound card, hidden, that is, on the 
> mixer applet, so it's possible that PCM or some such is muted or set very 
> low.
> Anne
It's not quite that simple, I'm afraid. CNN and Youtube are silent here,
too. A week or so ago I was listening to some favourites of mine on
Youtube but today it is silent even if video still works all right. I'd
suspect one of the recent updates. This may have something to do with
another thread, "Re: problems with rhythmbox after updating to


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