F9: Yum is hanging on "Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit"

Daniel B. Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
Thu Jul 3 22:05:31 UTC 2008

Arkadiy Butermanov wrote:
> 2008/7/4 Daniel B. Thurman <dant at cdkkt.com <mailto:dant at cdkkt.com>>:
>     As the subject line says, Yum hangs as follows:
>     # yum update
>     Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
>     <hang>
>     I cannot use yum again, even when I kill the yum process.
>     What can I do to fix this, short of rebooting?
> I think you can delete this trouble:
> 1. download yumex (yum install yumex) - this is graphic interface for yum
> 2. Go to File >> Parameters >> Installed plugins
> 3. Put off flag from checkbox))

Hmm...  it looks like what is really hanging is rpm.  It freezes up.

So, I guess the next question is: how do I fix this?  I cannot even
rebuild the rpm database since rpm itself hangs?


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