Fedora 9 Openchrome drv HP w2207h Monitor was: Re: help with setting up graphics

Björn Persson listor3.rombobeorn at tdcpost.se
Fri Jul 4 00:20:14 UTC 2008

Beartooth wrote:
>         I can't imagine why startx would work immediately after logging
> in in text mode, without touching anything that affects the configuration
> of X; and it seems a strange, roundabout approach. But I'm willing to try
> it, if I understand aright what it is I'm to try.

I don't understand it either but similar things happen to me. If I boot into 
runlevel 5 I only get a black screen. If I boot into runlevel 3, log in as 
root and run "init 5 ; exit", then X starts just fine. I've described the 
problem here:



Björn Persson

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