Thunderbird and junkmail

Ian Chapman packages at
Fri Jul 4 12:30:51 UTC 2008

Richard England wrote:

> Here I have set 'When I mark 
> messages as junk, move them to the accounts "junk" folder'.  I also have 
> "Mark messages determined to be junk as read"  set.

Yep, I have identical settings to you here for all my accounts.

> - Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account
> - Do not mark mail as junk if the sender is in: "Personal Address Book"
> - Trust junk mail headers set by: SpamPal
> - Move new junk messages to:
>    "Junk" folder on : <my account>
> - Automatically delete junk mail older than 7 days.

Yep, I have all of these set for each account except "Trust junk mail 
headers" and "automatically delete" is set to 14 days.

> Of course there are settings here you may wish to modify but this has 
> been working for me for some time. I would verify that both sets of 
> settings are as you wish them to be.

Thanks Richard, as far as I can see it just looks like an esoteric bug 
which I have no idea how it's been triggered. The annoying thing is it 
used to work perfectly up until about two weeks ago when it just 
stopped, simultaneously for all accounts and it's been slowly driving me 
nuts ever since. :-) Thanks for the help.

Ian Chapman.

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