Fedora how to

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Fri Jul 4 17:56:48 UTC 2008

David Boles wrote:

> Timothy Murphy wrote:
>> Jim van Wel wrote:
>>> Maybe handy, I use this site to setup my fedora machines quick!
>>> http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedora-f9.html
>> I agree, this is the best Fedora HOWTO I know.
>> The official HOWTOs on fedoraforum are seriously deficient
>> in dealing with multimedia, because of their obsession
>> with open source, or rather their refusal to steer the user
>> to any of the sites carrying essential non-free codecs, etc.

> The clear reason(s) for which have been explained many, many, times
> Timothy.

Repetition does not make it any less annoying.

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