ifdown. is it really down? [solved]

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sat Jul 5 02:31:06 UTC 2008

Tim wrote:

> Just wondering:  Are you using NetworkManager?

i was, not now. i had too many problems with it and stopped using it.
i noticed this problem after.

problem is i was blinking when i was looking. as it turned out, flash is a
'heart beat' and is continuous.

'heart beat' did not cross my mind before as i had not noticed interval.

seems that i had not watched long enough to notice that flashing was
occurring at a 20 second interval.

i was having problems with tbird and f8 and a couple other things, so
i decided to do a new install.

i pulled both ethernet and dsl cables and while walking back to desk to check
install, i noticed a double flash. i sat down and started watching led and
tried to not blink or blink after flash. it was then that i realized what was

having forgotten password for modem, i called tech support to get it reset.
afterwards i asked about blinking and they confirmed.

seems that this modem will flash twice with no ethernet cable plugged in and
single flash with cable plugged in.




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