Does one have to be a sound engineer?

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Fri Jul 4 23:40:18 UTC 2008

max bianco:
>> I think the reasoning is not breaking the hardware or your ear drums.
>> Blowing speakers is relatively easy to do.

Timothy Murphy:
> Windows doesn't seem to worry about that.
> As it happens, I am using the laptop speaker -
> I doubt if this has ever deafened anyone.

Try using powered speakers with no volume control on them (some JBL
speakers that came with a Compaq monitor, long ago), they depend on your
mixer to completely control levels.  They go damn loud when driven with
full audio levels.

A proper use of a volume control would be that a high level (on your
control position) is relative to very loud audio.  That's not a good

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 in case that's important to the thread.)

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