Latest updates break graphic start of Fedora

Mike Burger mburger at
Sat Jul 5 11:34:35 UTC 2008

> 2008/7/3 Mike Burger <mburger at>:

>> With regard to the "blank screen"...I'm assuming that is happening after
>> the graphical boot sequence...the one that shows all the various service
>> starting, etc.
>> I'm running into the same issue, using an Nvidia card.
>> It's not an indication that the system is's that the system
>> switched to TTY7, which is where the graphical environment is supposed
>> to
>> start.
>> Instead, all I do is press ALT-F1 to get to the first console terminal,
>> log in, run "sudo init 3" to bring the system to runlevel 3 (text only
>> mode), then "sudo init 5 ; exit" to bring the system back to runlevel 5
>> (graphical mode) and then exit that particular shell.
>> The system then comes up with the login for the GUI desktop.
>> I do wonder if it has to do with the desktop environment selected.  I
>> run
>> KDE (don't have Gnome installed)...which desktop environment are you
>> using?
> Mike
> Alt-F1 is not working on my system!!! so our problems are not
> completely similar.

Have you tried CTRL-ALT-F1?  This is how, if your X screen were working,
you'd get to the first TTY text screen.
Mike Burger

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