Latest updates break graphic start of Fedora

Antonio M antonio.montagnani at
Sat Jul 5 16:32:34 UTC 2008

2008/7/5 Anne Wilson <cannewilson at>:
>> >
>> > I had a system fully based on F9.On Thursday I applied some updates
>> > (the day' updates, as I usually run yum daily).
>> > After applying all aupdates and rebooting I got a blank screen after
>> > the start-up procedure.
>> > I could login graphically playing between runlevel 3 and runlevel 5
>> > but system froze anyway after some Firefox use (I don't know if this
>> > is related...)
>> > So basically I had an unusable system,
> So are you saying that you tried the existing alternative kernel, offered in
> grub, but that no longer worked?  That would be very peculiar indeed.
> OK - I've read your bug report.  I don't believe that there is any way that
> installing a new kernel would break the existing ones.  You almost certainly
> have something else going on.  You may well have to wait to see whether
> anyone else identifies the problem.  FWIW, is one of the
> kernels you mention, and it certainly works on my Fedora box.

No...what I am saying that on my particular hardware some updates (God
know what update) prevents the graphic login but not the text login.
As you can imagine, text has no use if you want to connect to the Net

>> > I decided to give an extreme
>> > try installing a kernel from F10 and magically the system worked
>> > again!!!! In the meantime we lost the Crystal webcam as in another
>> > thread... :-(
>> > I am waiting comments by developers (see Bugzilla Bug 454055: Latest
>> > updates prevent graphic login)
>> > Please note that I have another system runing F9 where I installed a
>> > kernel from F10 to solve sound troubles similar to Bugzilla Bug
>> > 453471: kernel update causes sound to play too fast
>> >
>> > I hope to have explained my situation....
>> I tried also kernel- from Koji, with no success!!!
> I don't know who is advising you to try rawhide and koji kernels, but I would
> not touch them in a standard install unless I had *very strong* reason to
> trust the level of expertise of the person recommending them.  And there
> would be very few people indeed that fit that bill.

On the same system I am running F10 with minor problems (Skype not
working...and also I cannot surf to Windows shares...), so I decided
to give a try, therefore instead of fully updating all F9 to F10 I
decided to upgrade only kernel. I have still F9 kernels on my
system...that refuse to work

Antonio Montagnani
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