fedora 9 installation

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Sat Jul 5 19:10:23 UTC 2008

allen wrote:

> I am mentally prepared to inatall fedora 9 but have some technological
> constraints my PC literate capability. 1. I want to devote the entire HD
> to Linux. 2. Presently devoted to XP home

This is not going to be popular here,
but I would definitely keep Windows XP on one partition,
and set up a dual-boot Linux + Windows system.

There are many programs that either don't run at all under Linux
or that run much better under Windows.
(I just updated my ThinkPad T43 BIOS under Windows -
I doubt if that would have been possible under Linux.)

I use Linux 99% of the time,
but still keep a Windows partition on each of my computers.

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