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Tom Horsley tom.horsley at
Sun Jul 6 18:33:43 UTC 2008

On Sun, 06 Jul 2008 13:05:06 -0400
William Case <billlinux at> wrote:

> WebCam

UVC is a (relatively) new standard for webcams. I see the latest
fedora 8 kernel (and fedora 9) includes the uvcvideo driver by
default (previously I had to build it myself). It seems to work
fine for me with my logitech cam, and the theory behind standards
is that all UVC compliant cams will work (insert insane chuckling

The gotcha is determining which cams are UVC compliant - most
manufacturers don't actually advertise it as a feature. On mine I
discovered a support web page for macintosh that mentioned UVC
compliance :-).

The other gotcha with UVC is that the driver only supports version
2 of video for linux (V4L2), so only software that is V4L2 aware
can talk to UVC video drivers (I guess linux decided they absolutely
had to copy windows with the multiple incompatible versions
of video for windows that Microsoft went through :-).

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