Gnash and youtube

Ian Chapman packages at
Sun Jul 6 19:01:08 UTC 2008

Bassel Safadi wrote:

>     Is gnash in F9 actually supposed to work with sites like youtube? It....

> Some people will not agree with me, but from my point of view, opera 9.5 
> is better than firefox in f9, specialy for flash, it have built in adobe 
> flash player.
> it's not open source, but you consider testing it..

Well actually I do mainly use Opera as my preferred web browser and have 
done since around version 4 or so when I moved from Netscape because  it 
was so horribly unstable on linux. I believe the built-in flash is only 
in the mobile editions of opera? I'm using a powerpc machine so I don't 
have the option of using Adobe's official flash plugin but Gnash works 
reasonably well for most flash, just not streaming which is a bit 
annoying because it used to.

Ian Chapman.

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