Using the Fedora 9 KDE Live CD on unsupported video hardware

Rance Hall ranceh at
Sun Jul 6 19:16:27 UTC 2008

Hey gang,

I hope this question has a lot more meat on its bones as Ive learned a
great deal about altering the video parameters that are being fed to
the kernel.

Problem:  On my mobo the integrated video card (a via chrome9 based
card) and monitor (an old Samsung SyncMaster 955DF) Fedora 9 cant
figure out what video combination to use and when it screws up, it
locks up the system tight.  Only a hard boot will fix it.

On an install cd anaconda will accept the xdriver=vesa option and
graphical install works fine, The only real issue is that in my
experience Anaconda notoriously uses low resolution so as to hide
problems with a video setup till the actual system is installed.

So taking what I know and applying that to a LIVE CD (specifically the
KDE one, as Im a KDE guy and dont have much use for Gnome, etc (please
no flames, is a personal preference, I didnt - and wont - say gnome
sucks - it doesnt, just that I dont like it.)

OK, the Live CD doesnt have anaconda on it (nor should it) but I need
a way to apply what Ive learned about telling the system to use VESA
till I can figure out the details of why my hardware is not working

First, the kernel will accept a vga=xxx code that affects the terminal
consoles, but that doesnt seem to have any affect on X.

The kernel command line can be altered by adding something like

This seems to really help my situation, but not enough.

without this alteration the LiveCD will crash and lockup hard within 5
seconds or so after udev starts.
with this alteration the LiveCD boots successfully and displays a
login prompt (which is further than I ever got before) but the
keyboard is still locked and about 5 seconds or so later I get a funny
horizontal image on the screen that is indicative of overstating the
capability of the video hardware at some level.

I know I'm on the right track here, but I cant seem to finish the job,
any help much appreciated.

I need a hint or a pointer to let me know what Im missing please.

Thanks all

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