Networkmanager seems to ignore WEP code

Christopher A. Williams chriswfedora at
Sun Jul 6 20:30:57 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-07-06 at 13:42 -0400, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> Luis Orlindo Tedeschi wrote:
> > Would the WPA problem affect the WEP?
> (For those who have forgotten, my laptop is running F9 x86_64. 
> Up-to-date through yum daily.  It has ipw3945 hardware, and I'm using 
> the iwl3945 wifi drivers.)

I'm running  F9 x86_64 as well with the same wireless adapter. You're
not alone.

My WPA router at home connects up immediately and always has. WEP, OTOH,
has been so bad for me that my laptop locks up hard when trying to
connect to my church's 128-bit WEP network. I can only do a hard reset
to get anything working.

Any attempt to connect to a WEP router fails - and usually with a hard
system lockup.

> So, maybe I don't know what the bug is, but maybe its related to 
> WPA/WPA2, but not WPA-AES?
> And I have no clue as what's wrong with WEP, as a lot of the people 
> commenting on the bug claims they have no problems using WEP!
> So, here I am, not a general user of WEP, having problems getting it to 
> work at all.  Its not one of my "standard" setups.  I only expect to use 
> it rarely.  But, I expect it to work when I do, so when it doesn't, it 
> makes it really hard to fix (How do you fix your internet connection 
> when you can't get it to work????)  How am I supposed to then google for 
> the answers?!

Same here - I plan to upgrade our church network to WPA soon, but for
now I can't even attempt to connect at risk of a hard system lockup. I
haven't found any answers for this either.

I booted up an original F9 x86_64 live CD from a USB pen drive just for
grins and connected up to the WEP network with no issues at all. It's
definitely something that has changed along the way.


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