CD/DVD writing

Chris Carlson cwcarlson at
Sun Jul 6 20:56:22 UTC 2008

Actually, there have been some complaints.  I found that doing it 
manually with mkisofs and wodim, I could write to my CD.  Doing it with 
the GUI failed 100% of the time without any error messages at all.  
Nothing on the screen as to why, nothing in /var/log/messages, just 
"Error!" in a popup.

I haven't had the time to debug the GUI, yet.


Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Jeffrey Ross writes:
>> Is it just me or did something get broken in the last kernel for F9 
>> (x86_64) for CD/DVD writing?
>> I am unable to write to DVD's with but I have 
>> no problems with
>> K3B complains that it is unable to prevent disk ejection (or 
>> something like that)
>> Thoughts?
> Come on. If everyone's DVD burning stopped working with the new 
> kernel, I'd expect to hear people screaming about it a long time ago. 
> Obviously this issue affects your particular hardware/software 
> configuration. But, since you neglected to describe your hardware, and 
> did not post what, if anything, you get in your log files 
> (/var/log/messages, etc..) your chances of getting help are rather slim.

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