Trouble with graphics

g geleem at
Mon Jul 7 00:00:20 UTC 2008

Lawrence E. Graves wrote:
> Unwanted movement of different windows and my mouse and keyboard are
> shaky.

appears to be a statement. is this something you are proud of and want all to
be aware of?

like it could it be that you live in california and near a quake fault?

or, do you live in tristate area of il, ky, mo? they had a quake this past

or, do you live on a boat?

what is obvious is that you may be new to tech support list and are subscribed
to 'fedora-list digest' because you did follow instructions to edit 'subject:'.

also, you did fail to cut out what was in digest and not related to your

so please excuse my satire and answer following;

what do you mean by 'unwanted movement'?

which windows?

what do you mean by 'mouse and keyboard are shaky'?

a little more help is needed if you want help.

also, you should remove yourself from 'digest' and join fedora-list. this way
you will see your replies sooner and not have as much to cut out. like you
may not see this until 2008-0707.

something else that will be nice is if you would not top post as there are
a few who are upset by such replies. some will not even bother to reply to
your post.

when you reply, cursor to line below what you want to reply to press <enter>
twice, up arrow once and start you reply. when finished, cut out all of message
that is not related to you reply.





in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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