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2008/7/7, pds <pds100 at>:
> On Sun, 06 Jul 2008 22:13:01 -0500
> Rex Dieter <rdieter at> wrote:
>> pds wrote:
>> > When features are in KDE3.5 work better than the newer version,
>> > I'll ask for the older version back anytime.  You want specific
>> > examples:
>> And there are a multitude of specific examples where kde4 is better.
>> This is certainly not constructive feedback.  Sigh, if you like kde3,
>> fine, stick with Fedora 8.
> It's about choice, NOT what is better about KDE4 its more about what
> is MISSING! If you can't understand that some users work in a specific
> way or need to work in a specific way then.....
> There could be other reason why I want or might even need Fedora 9, but
> that is my choice. I would like a choice at least better KDE3.5 and KDE
> 4.x until 4.x has all the features of 3.5.

Who determines the moment when KDE 4 has all the features of KDE 3.5?
KDE 4 series is so different from KDE 3 that people will keep
discovering "missing" things in KDE 4 for years.

>> > I also think a complete previous revision should be supplied until
>> > the next revision is functionally equivalent.  This will give USER
>> > the choice
>> Please read the FAQ again.  I would *love* to be able to provide just
>> that, and asked developers point-blank if this is something
>> possible(1) or supported.  Answer was no.
>> (1) without horrible hacks or FHS violations.
> Hmmm.... The FAQ provide some information, but not exactly what I was
> asking.  What I really read was, that there was not enough resources
> to provide both KDE3.5 and KDE4.0 with ONLY one installed at a time.
> I didn't ask to have both kde4 & kde3 installed at the same time.  Yes,
> there will always be ways to shoot yourself in the foot.

That could have been possible, but it would have taken a great load of
effort to keep maintaining two different, conflicting sets of KDE
packages. It would also probably have been very problematic when one
happens to have packages from both the sets.

> I'll consider this dead since there was a conscious decision to force
> this issue.  I'll look at other distros or methods or means to obtain
> the features I need. so long...
It's good that there are dozens of distributions shipping a very
polished KDE 3.5 desktop, so that you can keep using it... for now.
Gradually most of the distributions will stop supporting KDE 3 series.
Fedora has traditionally been a very forward-looking distro, and has
done so at an early stage, just as they have done so on many other

If your desires conflict with the objectives of the distribution you
are using and you don't want to just put up with the differences, you
are better off using an alternative,

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