That thread - Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10?

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Mon Jul 7 11:49:29 UTC 2008

pds wrote:

> On Sun, 06 Jul 2008 22:13:01 -0500

>> Please read the FAQ again.  I would *love* to be able to provide just
>> that, and asked developers point-blank if this is something
>> possible(1) or supported.  Answer was no.
>> (1) without horrible hacks or FHS violations.
> Hmmm.... The FAQ provide some information, but not exactly what I was
> asking.  What I really read was, that there was not enough resources
> to provide both KDE3.5 and KDE4.0 with ONLY one installed at a time.
> I didn't ask to have both kde4 & kde3 installed at the same time.  

fedora's packaging guidelines (pretty much) require parallel-installability
of *all* packages.  That's part of the "horrible hacks" to which I refer. 
Sorry, if that was unclear.

-- Rex

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