locked myself out of all saved firefox passwords

stan goedigi89__e at cox.net
Mon Jul 7 13:36:10 UTC 2008

Christopher Lemire wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> i created a "master password" in firefox to secure all of my other
> passwords. i forgot the password, and now i am locked out of all my
> other passwords. i get tons of pop ups asking for the "master
> password" when i open firefox, and i some times can't close them all,
> so i have to kill firefox. i know i made it something easy that could
> be broken with a dictionary brute force attack, but the brute force
> program i found on google is made for windows. any ideas what i can
> do?
You didn't write down your master password?  Even as single letters 
around a sheet of random scratchings?  Or as a mnemonic?  A piece of paper
you carry in your wallet?  Stored it in an entirely different context 
such as
your toolbox or in a book.  Too bad.

This is a little off the wall, but you don't have to use a brute force 
attack.  Your
subconscious knows the password.  So you can ask your subconscious
to let you remember it.  Say something like "I wonder how quickly and easily
I can remember the master password?" over and over to yourself, and it 
just pop into your head when you aren't expecting it. 

Another option is to use self hypnosis or go to a hypnotist and have them
hypnotize you so you can 'remember' it.

If you can get out of your way while you are typing the password, your 
memory' might just type it for you.  This is another way to access your 

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