Can't import pictures from Camera

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Mon Jul 7 17:01:52 UTC 2008

>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick O'Callaghan <pocallaghan at> writes:

    >> How do I revert to .1.x86_64?

    Patrick> As I understand it yesterday's update was meant as a
    Patrick> temporary fix to a problem introduced a few days ago, so
    Patrick> *in theory* it shouldn't be the cause of your problem. Of

The timing sounds like it might well be. I had no such problem two
days ago.

    Patrick> course if you discover that it is then definitely report
    Patrick> it to Bugzilla at

I don't know that I can prove it, since I can't fix the problem.
But I'll write something there.

    Patrick> If you want to revert, you probably still have the old
    Patrick> package in /var/cache/yum, so "rpm --oldpackage ..."

I didn't, but I was able to download it.

    Patrick> should be able to install it (modulo any dependencies).

The dependencies are the problem.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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