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> > Note that cdrecord doesn't come with Fedora, there
> is a link by that 
> > name which leads to wodim. The usual drill is to
> change group on 
> wodim is the free software fork from cdrecord with other
> stuff added.
cdrtools is also free.  What makes wodim 'freer'

> > "cdrecord" to a new group, make the owner
> root, change perms to 4754, 
> > and it should work. I highly advise downloading the
> real cdrecord rather 
> > than using the "looks like" version.
> I would advise the reverse. For one wodim doesn't need
> to be setuid root
> which is quite a dangerous thing to enable on a large
> binary (althoguh
> cdrecord has a good security history)
I would advise users to have both.  This way the users have the power to use the version that works best for them, instead of forcing them one over the other.  K3b allows the users to choose which binary you want to run, if you use k3b, you may also use others which by default use wodim.  

There are some CD brands which original cdrecord does not like and wodim does follow through with the burn +1 for wodim

There are problems encountered with cdwriting permissions and burning fails with wodim +1 for original cdrecord

I have read about the controversies and the nasty messages between the developers, but it should be up to the user what he/she wants to do. 

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