kdebluetooth: is it all there?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Mon Jul 7 23:20:18 UTC 2008

Is anyone using kdebluetooth?
I've been looking at it, but find the setup rather confusing.
I'm trying to use it to connect my Fedora-9/KDE laptop
to my Sony-Ericsson T630 mobile phone.

I've been looking at the KDE Bluetooth framework Handbook.
I'm not sure if these KDE manuals have been modified
to take account of the specific Fedora setup,
but I found a couple of remarks slightly strange.

1) The manual speaks of "kbluetoothd: 
The Core of the KDE Bluetooth Framework", and says
"You can start KBluetoothD by typing kbluetoothd on the command line 
or by starting it from the K-Menu (usually System/kbluetoothd)."

In fact there is no kbluetoothd on my updated Fedora-9,
even though I have installed *bluez* and *bluetooth*.
There is a /usr/bin/kbluetooth running.
Is that Fedora's name for kbluetoothd ?

2) The section on setting up kdebluetooth suggests that the line

        pin_helper /usr/local/lib/kdebluetooth/kbluepin;

should appear in hcid.conf .
But there is no program kbluepin anywhere on my system.
(The kdebluetooth stuff is in /usr/lib/kdebluetooth/
rather than /usr/local/lib/kdebluetooth/ ;
but that is not important;
the relevant point is that there is no kbluepin .)

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