cdrecord permission problems

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>>>> Note that cdrecord doesn't come with Fedora, there
>>> is a link by that 
>>>> name which leads to wodim. The usual drill is to
>>> change group on 
>>> wodim is the free software fork from cdrecord with other
>>> stuff added.
>> cdrtools is also free.  What makes wodim 'freer'
> The DVD version of cdrecord was payware while the DVD support in wodim is
> not.
I'm not sure wodim even existed in those days. Certainly the DVD stuff 
has been in the open source release for a long time, since Joerg lacks 
the people skills to even let people give him money. I suggested he just 
get a Paypal account and ask for donations, he wanted payment by 
International Money Order payable in Euros.

Anyway, history lesson over, there are many things I don't like about 
cdrtools, but I like the results.

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