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Bob Goodwin USA bobgoodwin at wildblue.net
Tue Jul 8 08:51:10 UTC 2008

g wrote:
> Bob Goodwin USA wrote:
>> I have a Magellan 3100 GPS device that came with a USB cable and a 
>> collection of Windows software on a CD.
> bob,
> please excuse my questions if they have been covered. i thought i had a
> security problem that was just a 'heart beat', so i am late getting to
> read your thread.
> now trying to follow thread i am a bit at a lost as to where you are with
> your gps and serial problems.
> i have been wanting to get a gps system and logged magellangps.com. i 
> first
> did a search for 3100 to see what you were using and it returned 0 
> hits, so
> i am at a wonder there.
> questions;
> what computer are you using for mobile, or are you storing in gps and
> downloading later?
> did you find a linux program you could communicate with gps?
> what is automobile you are using?
> did you find a cure for serial problems?
> i started with micros back in 8 bit s100 days when all there was was 
> serial.
> i used mobile ham radio for a while, and i have a few thoughts that bring
> above questions.
> thanks.
> later.
I thought this thread was dead and deleted all the messages.  I could 
resurrect them from the archives if I had anything to contribute I 
suppose but ...

I messed around with whatever applications are available for F8 from a 
desktop computer until I somehow destroyed the the Magellan 3100 GPS.  I 
thought I was being careful but it turned into an idiot and refused to 
boot beyond the opening screen.  I tried the reset button on the gps to 
no avail, if anything that made it worse. 

My daughter returned it to where she bought it last Christmas and 
exchanged it for a newer model [Magellan 3225] which I have not had the 
courage to fool with.  It works fine out of the box.  I could try the 
provided software with a Windows computer but have not done so.  I 
believe I saw some sort of back-up function which might permit restoring 
it to operation if used?

I thought it would be convenient to set a destination address from my 
desktop before leaving rather than mess with the touchscreen, that's 
about all, that and curiosity 'cause it was there and came with a usb cable.

There's a user manual at [from Google]: 
which I found of little value.

Bob   w2bod   bobgoodwin at wildblue.net

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