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Mark Haney mhaney at ercbroadband.org
Tue Jul 8 13:23:59 UTC 2008

Dan Thurman wrote:
> I have two issues:
> 1) I cannot emtpy the trash icon in Gnome.  How can I fix this?
> 2) I have in the "task area (where the time/date is- what's this panel
>    called?)", two black icons with the white letter "EN",
>    of which if the mouse pointer is above it, chinese or japanese
>    characters appear.  How do I get rid of it?
> Thanks!
> Dan

Dan, look for a file in your home directory called .Trash or similar.  I 
haven't run GNOME in a long time, but that's usually where the files 
are.  It's possible the icon shows it as being non-empty, but it really 
is.  I've seen that in GNOME a could of times.  Sometimes restarting the 
session fixes that.

Also, I tend to enable the 'Delete' option for  the menu so I can just 
remove files I don't need simply because the Empty Trash option doesn't 
always work (in GNOME or KDE) in my experience.

As for the second question, I am afraid I can't help you.  Have you 
tried right clicking and seeing what options come up?  I've not seen 
that on a GNOME desktop before, so I don't know what that is.

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