Closed source modules will be banned from kernel?

John Burton j.c.burton at
Tue Jul 8 13:34:02 UTC 2008

Tom Horsley wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Jul 2008 08:35:45 +0100
> Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> wrote:
>> Why is it considered OK to insult people on a mailing list, when you wouldn't 
>> to their face?
> Never fear, I'm perfectly willing to tell them the same thing to their
> faces, but it is like nothing can stop them. Wholesale gratuitous changes
> have become their way of life, and my feeble little attempts at
> intervention don't phase them :-).
Hmmm... do "Open Source" modules have the same problem?  Do these 
"wholesale gratuitous changes" occur during minor revision changes or 
major version changes? Major version changes in most software change the 
API, while minor revisions do not. Are the kernel modules not consistent 
with this?

I've never had a problem with wholesale gratuitous changes, but then 
again, I only use open source modules, and the kernel modules I've 
developed (drivers for a special serial card to interface to prototype 
satellite instruments) have had no problem.


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