Fedora9 DVD autoplay

Federico Marziali federico.marziali at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 19:30:36 UTC 2008

I'm trying to figure out how to change the autoplay default commands
for some media (DVD, CD audio, etc..).
Basically I would like xine to play automatically dvds and amarok to
play audio cds
I already posted about this, then realised probably I wasn't very
clear and I should also post about the various attempts I made. So
here I am again :-)
BTW, I'm using Fedora9 and Gnome 2.22.

I found the following instructions for Ubuntu
They refer to the dialog System/Preferences/Hardware/Removable Drives
and Media and the "mysterious" Multimedia tab. "Mysterious" since I
don't have it (I guess different GNOME versions..). The thing that
goes closer is the Media tab of the dialog
System/Preferences/Personal/File Management (not a very sensible place
where to put Multimedia preferences if you ask me... :D). See this
pic: http://www.nybergh.net/stuff/linked/2008/05/nautilus-file-management-preferences-removable-media-gnome-ubuntu-804-hardy-heron.png
Now, the point is that for each media it is possible only to select
from a drop-down box. I'd like instead to add my own command.

I installed also gconf-editor trying to change the value of the key
/desktop/gnome/volume_manager/autoplay_dvd_command to "xine %d" but
this didn't have any effect.

Is there any Fedora user using GNOME that figured this out? If this is
not the correct place where to ask about this, can somebody kindly
point me to a specific Gnome mailing list??

Thanks a lot!

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