How do I keep Fedora 9 from automounting all of my hard drive partitions?

Dan Hensley dan at
Wed Jul 9 02:42:47 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-08 at 12:49 +0000, Tom Horsley wrote:
> > I am using /dev/sda as my primary hard drive.  I have another hard
> > drive, /dev/sdb that I use as a backup.  When I log in to a Gnome
> > desktop (haven't tried anything else yet), all of my /dev/sdb partitions
> > are auto-mounted.  How do I keep this from happening?  They don't appear
> > in /etc/fstab, and they aren't mounted if I boot into runlevel 3 for
> > example.  I cannot find any settings anywhere to control this, and I
> > don't know exactly what process is responsible.
> You need to appease HAL:

I actually didn't need to go that route.  HAL wasn't really the culprit
here.  Besides, I couldn't make heads or tails of how HAL identifies my
hard drives.  gnome-mount, via gconf, or some combination including
those, was.  Rather than trying to find the relevant parts in the gconf
tree (which I really don't know how to navigate anyway), I simply added
each device into /etc/fstab with the noauto option.  Now they don't
mount anywhere.

So problem solved.


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