Knute Johnson linux at
Wed Jul 9 04:17:56 UTC 2008

Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> An alternative would be to put a restart script into the Network Manager
>>> Dispatcher directory.  That way sendmail will be restarted any time the
>>> network goes down and up.  A smart script would check whether it should
>>> restart a running service, or do nothing to a deliberately stopped
>>> service.
> Knute Johnson:
>> Could you provide a little more detail on exactly how to do this? 
> I've attached a not-so-intelligent script for restarting the NTP daemon
> (it starts or restarts it, but doesn't "do nothing" if NTPD were
> manually stopped beforehand).  When a network interface comes up, it
> starts NTP if it's not already running, it restarts it if were.  And
> when the interface goes down, it stops it.  The LOGGER bit, in it, is
> about putting entries into /var/log/messages, as well.
> You could modify it to start/restart sendmail, or any other service, and
> modify it leave to leave the service running all the time.


That worked like a charm, thanks very much.


Knute Johnson
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