Problem with wine/crossover after today's update to xorg-x11-server-Xorg

Mike C mike.cloaked at
Wed Jul 9 10:22:27 UTC 2008

Mike C <mike.cloaked <at>> writes:

> After updating my F8 installation today (which includes update to
>  xorg-x11-server-Xorg) 

Whoops - I misread the log file - there was no update to xorg - 
But I am still getting crashes in Excel running under wine or crossover.

Was OK yesterday.

The list of items that were updated today was:
gd - 2.0.35-3.fc8.i386
popt - 1.13-4.fc8.i386
beecrypt - 4.1.2-17.fc8.i386
cups-libs - 1:1.3.7-4.fc8.i386
openobex - 1.3-12.fc8.i386
wavpack - 4.50-1.fc8.i386
k3b - 1.0.5-3.fc8.i386
popt-devel - 1.13-4.fc8.i386
system-config-date - 1.9.32-1.fc8.noarch
beecrypt-devel - 4.1.2-17.fc8.i386
gd-devel - 2.0.35-3.fc8.i386
mlocate - 0.21-1.fc8.i386
libao - 0.8.8-5.fc8.i386
tzdata - 2008d-1.fc8.noarch
cups - 1:1.3.7-4.fc8.i386

But I can't see any of these causing the problem so am puzzled?

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