Fingerprint Reader AuthenTec AES2501 Lenovo 3000 N100

das at
Wed Jul 9 14:02:26 UTC 2008

Dear Friends

Sorry for disturbing you for such a trivial issue.

My Lenovo 3000 N100 Type 0768-GYQ has a fingerprint reader AuthenTec
AES2501. I searched the Net for these things and installed libfprint,
libfprint-devel, fprint_demo, and pam_fprint by 'yum install'.

It is working fine, in the sense that, when I am giving the command
fprint_demo both as root or user a whole interface with 'enroll',
'verify' and 'identify' are coming up. And after some trials, they are
enrolling, verifying and identifying.

Now, the question is, can I use it in any way? Is there any use of this toy?


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