Again - F9 default web browser

Barry Yu barryyu-cts at
Wed Jul 9 16:06:04 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> wrote: On Wednesday 09 July 2008 15:32:24 Barry Yu wrote:
> In System => Preferences => Personal => Preferred Applications, the Firefox
> is already been selected as default web browser and the firefox icon is
> showing on top panel, however everytime when I made some web links as short
> cut on desktop and I clicked on it, the Kongueror is always brought up
> instead of Firefox. Same computer previous F8 had no such strange thing.

Is this F9+ KDE?  If so, System Settings > Advanced tab > File Associations.  
Put html into the search box and check the settings for each entry - xhtml 
and html.


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No, I logged into GNOME desktop, must be a weird thing in F9
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