Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 9 19:20:41 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 09 July 2008 19:16:57 Allen Meyers wrote:
> I am new to both linux and fedora and I dearly love what I have experienced
> thus far except for e-mail. Now because I receive a fair share and must
> answer it would be nice to be able to do so from my linux program, but that
> has eluded me thus far.
> My DSL and e-mail provider is att yahoo and I get these nasty notes that I
> am sending and receiving not within the scope of their SSL protocol. Would
> they shut me down? I have not a clue. Is there anyone out there with a
> viable option. Would I not experience the same thing with a fetch it
> program of some sort.
Allen, somewhere on Yahoo's web pages there should be all the settings you 
need to work with *any* mail client. If some toffee-nosed little b***** tells 
you that they don't work with linux, it just shows that he doesn't know what 
he's talking about.  The settings you need are exactly the same as for any 
other client.

One caveat - 'Check what the server supports' in the way of security is not 
always accurate.  Hopefully the Yahoo page will tell you exactly how to set 
it up.

If you find the page but don't understand anything, give us the url for the 
page and ask your question.  Don't forget to tell us which mail application 
you have chosen - not because it wants something different, but because the 
layout can be different, so it makes explanations easier.


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