Kevin Martin kevintm at
Wed Jul 9 19:39:38 UTC 2008

tony.chamberlain at wrote:
> I want to look at all the traffic coming to my web browser (
> (tomcat on port 80) using tcpdump.
> If I say  tcpdump port 80
> that will get 80 coming and going.  Also if I say
> tcpdump dst port 80
> I will still get any traffic I have to other web sites.
> I thought  tcpdump (dst port 80) and (dst host
> would work but that does not seem to get anything.  I went to
>  from another machine, got my web page
> but nothing in the tcp dump.
> What is the correct way to do this (all incoming to my web browser)?
> Theoretically besdies I would also like

Are you listening on the correct device?  I just tried:

tcpdump dst port 22 and dst host

and didn't get anything but when I added the "-i <device>" that is bound to then I got the correct information.


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