Inexcusable, simply inexcusable

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Thu Jul 10 02:22:35 UTC 2008

>> By the way, that's not the fault of SELinux.  It's the fault of those
>> who put software on a system using SELinux without doing it properly.

>         Oho! I also got an email under the list, identifying it as a
> bug :
>         Such being the case, I beg SELinux's pardon. 

As I found out back then, but forgot about in the meantime, it's the
DHCP client making the classic user blunder (*) when moving/copying
files about, as it swaps the backup and current configuration files

With filename/location based creation of SELinux contexts, in the first
place, you have to create a file in the right place, and with the right
filename, for it to be given the right context.  If you create it
elsewhere, then move it over, it'll have the wrong contexts.

* User create's some file in the homespace, then moves it over to /etc/
or their webserver, and it won't work, because it still has their
default user contexts.

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