F9: Func and Certmaster

Dan Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
Thu Jul 10 14:01:59 UTC 2008

Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Dan Thurman wrote:
>>> I have not configured anything for certmaster - not knowing
>>> anything  about it nor about func either.
>>> Can someone shed some advice here?
>> Ok, I disabled funcd in the service and I know that this has nothing
>> to do with system-config-services.  It still hangs.  Different issue
>> to solve.  But anyway, with funcd disabled, there is no tracebacks
>> so I solved that issue for now.
> I think a good question to ask is why do you have these packages
> installed if you don't know what they do and you are not using them?
> The more moving parts you introduce to any system, the more likely you
> are to have problems with it.
Actually, I am learning about the parts of the whole and deciding whether
or not I want to use anything useful.  I have actually learned a lot about
what is available in F9, what "it" is used for, what I need and what I do
not need.  It turns out that one-self is pretty much left to solve the 
for one-selves when the going gets tough.

Clearly, there are some issues when installing "everything" and here, I 
it and found out where the conflicts are, what does not interoperate very
well, what to avoid, and probably some "bugs" seemingly noted in the logs.
Interesting thing here, is I have installed almost everything, except 
those which
conflicts with one another or has bugs in them.

Func/certmaster is new to me and I will certainly look into it's usefulness,
but not now, later.

Problems are fun, so as long as you can solve it.  The hardest one for 
me right
now is system-config-services which hangs itself for no apparent reason, no
error messages of any kind.  It is python code so I guess I will have to 
take a
deeper look into it.


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