F9: Is GVFS a normal installation?

Dan Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
Thu Jul 10 17:06:55 UTC 2008

Is GVFS a standard part of installation?  If not, can it be safely removed?

I noticed that trying to remove it, yum wants to remove:

 gvfs                    i386       0.2.5-1.fc9      installed         3.5 M

Removing for dependencies:
 bluez-gnome             i386       0.26-1.fc9       installed         618 k
 bluez-gnome-analyzer    i386       0.26-1.fc9       installed          77 k
 gvfs-fuse               i386       0.2.5-1.fc9      installed          25 k
 nautilus                i386       2.22.3-1.fc9     installed          15 M
 nautilus-bzr            i386       0.94.0-2.fc9     installed          25 k
 nautilus-python         i386       0.4.3-5.fc9      installed          54 k
 postr                   noarch     0.12-1.fc9       installed         447 k

I am trying to remove some problems related to the failure of
system-config-services and other problems regarding the shell
not passing env variables correctly to scripts in /etc/profile.d/

Please advise,

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