Closed source modules will be banned from kernel?

max maximilianbianco at
Thu Jul 10 17:25:01 UTC 2008

> Is this a case of incorrect attributions in your reader, or are you
> really asking me this question and if so, what's prompted that?
You wrote in response to Anne's question/statement/comment:
> It's not actually considered OK, Anne, it's just human nature at work
> and continuing evidence of the decline of society. People often lose
> their decorum when there is no immediate need to display it, which is a
> direct result of people adopting specific behavior NOT because it is
> correct or acceptable, but because they are wary or in fear of the
> consequences if they do not. And THAT mindset is the direct result of
> society's choice to attempt to legislate morality rather than live it or
> breath it, or teach it by example.

There is evidence of intelligence in your response. I could go for a 
while on the legislation of morality and why its wrong but this is a 
technical list or it tries to be :^) Intelligent people *usually* have a 
book recommendation or two, depending on the subject, if your like me 
then you read enough that you probably can't decisively say which is 
your favorite or the best. So what was the last good book, 
technical,non-technical, fiction, non-fiction, doesn't matter, that you 
enjoyed reading? You can name as many as you like, I am always 
interested in good books. Of course if you don't read that doesn't 
necessarily say anything about your intelligence level but I'd be very 
surprised if you didn't have a recommendation or two.

Or I could just have said:

I don't know you Andy but I like you already.


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