NetworkManager: How to set caching nameserver?

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Thu Jul 10 20:58:13 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 13:10 -0400, sean darcy wrote:
> sean darcy wrote:
> > NM sets my nameserver based on the isp, which is _very_ slow. I've set 
> > up a local caching nameserver which works well. But how do I tell NM to 
> > use
> > 
> > I've set up dhclient.conf with a prepend statement. If I just run 
> > dhclient that works, i.e. /etc/resolv.conf has the local nameserver. But 
> > if I just start NM, it doesn't. It looks like NM tells /sbin/dhclient 
> > not to use the .conf file.
> > 
> > So now I manually edit the resolv.conf file. How can I configure NM to 
> > use the local nameserver?
> > 
> > sean
> > 
> And yes, I did try the DNS box in the NM edit connection box. But that 
> appends the local nameserver to the isp nameserver. I want the caching 
> nameserver to be prepended - that is, come first.

	This is exactly the problem I run into with my corporate VPN (AT&T
proprietary SSL based POS).  I have to set up dnsmasq to forward only
certain requests down the VPN (DNS is ssslllooowww down the VPN) and
certain requests to my local (IPv6) name servers and the rest through
normal resolution.  I've been searching for a solution myself.
Unfortunately, all the solutions I've been able to find are outdated and
already subverted by the NetworkManager developers (dhclient-script
hooks no longer function with the current verion of NetworkMangler).

	I have a longer rant that I'm strongly tempted to send.  NetworkManager
is an ill behaved application which refuses to honor any of the past
configuration options and scripting hooks.  They've gone so far as to
replace the old dhclient script "/sbin/dhclient-script" with their own
uneditible binary when they invoke dhclient.

	My solution, at this point, is "yum erase NetworkManger" and then go
back to the older scripts which WORK and work reliably.

	Unless you're having problems with wireless (and there are better
solutions to that problem) NetworkManager has no advantages over the
ifup/ifdown scripts and a whole lot of disadvantages for those of us who
have custom configurations.

	I've removed NetworkManger even from my laptop where I do move from
network to network and wired to wireless, because I can not tolerate its
behavior and its refusal to respect configuration options and
established scripting principles.  It's just not worth the headaches it
creates, even in that environment.

	You're only other choice at this point appears to be run the command
"chattr -i /etc/resolve.conf".  That is, until they figure that one out
as well and make NetworkManager immutable aware and try to remove that
in another "screw you, we know better than you" manuver.

> sean

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