How to change order of services

Andrea mariofutire at
Thu Jul 10 21:09:20 UTC 2008


I am trying to change the order of the service wpa_supplicant.
I want it to run before "network".

So I have changed /etc/rc.d/init.d/wpa_supplicant

# chkconfig:   - 23 88


# chkconfig:   - 9 91

Bear in mind that network has the following
# chkconfig: - 10 90

Then I deselect and reselect it in ntsysv.
Everything works fine, and at reboot wpa_supplicant starts before network.

But whenever I update the system, wpa_supplicant goes back to the original position (even if the 
file has not changed), after network.

What am I missing?


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