NetworkManager: How to set caching nameserver?

stan goedigi89__e at
Thu Jul 10 21:54:56 UTC 2008

Michael H. Warfield wrote:

> 	My solution, at this point, is "yum erase NetworkManger" and then go
> back to the older scripts which WORK and work reliably.
> 	Unless you're having problems with wireless (and there are better
> solutions to that problem) NetworkManager has no advantages over the
> ifup/ifdown scripts and a whole lot of disadvantages for those of us who
> have custom configurations.
> 	I've removed NetworkManger even from my laptop where I do move from
> network to network and wired to wireless, because I can not tolerate its
> behavior and its refusal to respect configuration options and
> established scripting principles.  It's just not worth the headaches it
> creates, even in that environment.
Thanks for this posting.  Something clicked for me when I read it and I 
removed all
the NetworkManager stuff.  I'll occasionally get the network not coming 
up on reboot
or timing out waiting for the network, that never used to happen. 
Had a problem with a second ethernet card existing as a phantom after I 
removed it. 
Little irritations, easily remedied and then passed by.  But it used to 
be so reliable, it was forgettable.
Maybe this will bring that back.

If it doesn't, easy enough to reinstall NetworkManager.

I think you meant   yum remove NetworkManager   ,  erase is for RPM. 

> 	Mike

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