[OT?] after moving to f9, alpine lists sender on "sent" msgs

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Fri Jul 11 09:36:18 UTC 2008

  admittedly, this is an alpine topic, but i'm guessing someone out
there has already run across this.  after moving someone else's system
from f8 to f9 and restoring that user's personal mail (install alpine;
restore mbox, mail/, .pinerc, .fetchmailrc, etc), looking at the
"sent-mail" folder shows that user (call her "fred") as both the
sender and recipient on all newly-sent mail msgs, as in:

	... lots of sent msgs ...
	... To: barney ...
	... To: wilma ...
	... fred ...		< -- after f9 re-install
	... fred ...
	... fred ...

  it's obviously useful to be able to scan the sent-mail folder and
see the *recipient* listed, so why -- after that switch to f9 -- does
alpine suddenly switch to listing the (utterly redundant) *sender*?
and, more curiously, why would it do that in the middle of the folder
display?  is there an option for this?  i'm looking for one, and i
haven't seen it yet.  thanks.


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