F9 Xen QEMU Windows XP install fails multiple cores

Andrew Gray andrewg at linnetsol.co.uk
Fri Jul 11 11:26:41 UTC 2008


System Intel Quad Core kernel fully updated. 

I have been playing around with install a virtual copy of Windows Xp Pro
under Xen Qemu and have found if I specify more than one virtual core to
the Windows XP instance the install fails!

With 2 virtual cores specified in the qemu wizard for setting up a new
virtual instance the install of Windows XP Pro and and locks up during
the "Preparing to Install", occasionally it gets to "Installing Devices"
then hangs, but never gets further. 

The install of Windows XP Pro works if I only specify 1 virtual core.

I this expected !!


Thanks to the F9 developers 

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