Any suggestions for Really Annoying Alarms !!? -- [SOLVED]

Chris Jones jonesc at
Fri Jul 11 12:10:17 UTC 2008

Chris Jones wrote:
>> 1) install kalarm
>> 2) build myself a "Bruno" script that uses crontab to 'shutdown' for
>> those times when I just gotta go.
> Whilst I cannot test it right now (at work, others using my machine 
> etc.) I suspect option 2) can also be achieved using also kalarm. When 
> creating a new alarm under 'Special Actions' you can configure pre and 
> post alarm commands to be run.

Actually, its even easier than that. Just change the action type from 
text (i.e. pop message) to Command, and then run shutdown. Alternatively 
select File which I think allows scripts to be run, which can do 
whatever you want.

No need to muck around with crontab, unless you want to.


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