Latest Xorg update breaks my GUI

Antonio M antonio.montagnani at
Fri Jul 11 12:32:37 UTC 2008

2008/7/11 Mark Haney <mhaney at>:
> I upgraded my system to the latest Xorg last night and after a reboot had a
> major problem.  This box is an F9 box (An older HP with intel graphics)
> connected to an HP vf52 flatpanel monitor.
> On reboot, the arrow and 'Fedora wait circle' appeared on the screen, then
> my screen went black, the arrow returned, ad infinitum.
> I initially thought the upgrade had broken the setup, so I rebooted into RL
> 3 and resetup the desktop config.  The card and monitor were detected
> correctly and the screen resolution was available and I selected it.
> (1024X768).  Still, on reboot, same problem.  X would start (presumably) and
> restart with no complete loading of the GUI.  I've looked in Xorg's log
> file, but don't see any error messages that might clue me in.
> Can someone else shed some light on this?
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See my post dated July 7: Latest updates break graphic start of Fedora
And see Bugzilla Bug 454055: Latest updates prevent graphic login
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