Wine 1 and Office 2003?

Kevin Martin kevintm at
Fri Jul 11 19:41:34 UTC 2008

max wrote:
> Mike C wrote:
>> Frank Murphy <frankly3d-fedoracore <at>> writes:
>>> Have a look at Crossover Linux, if you don't wan't to run\virtualise
>>> windows .
>>> This is a report on office 2003
>> I do use Crossover too (I have been a paid up member for about 5 
>> years) but
>> in this case I run Office XP in Crossover but want to test Office 
>> 2003 in
>> wine, especially since wine has now nominally reached maturity with the
>> 1.0 release.  However it seems not so easy to get at a good up to date
>> howto for running office apps (which are essential for me to be 
>> compatible
>> with other people I share documents with who use MS).
> I don't use any office suite for more than the basics. What kind of 
> differences keep you using M$ Office vs. open office? Is it some 
> missing functionality or just compatibility issues? In my somewhat 
> limited use of things like spreadsheets, word-processor, etc I haven't 
> noticed any significant difference. I haven't had any issues opening  
> M$ office files with open office but again my needs are pretty basic, 
> maybe with really complex spreadsheets there is a problem? I haven't 
> tried anything with M$Office 2007 docs.  I'd appreciate being 
> enlightened on the topic if anyone can spare me an explanation.
> Max

FWIW, I've seen problems with Office being able to display tables 
correctly in a .doc file that had been modified with OpenOffice.

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