KWin (KDE4 from rawhide) using way too much CPU

Colin J Thomson colin at
Sat Jul 12 10:30:29 UTC 2008


On Saturday 12 July 2008 10:38:55 Vini Engel wrote:

> I believe many of the KDE users here might be using the rawhide build of
> KDE4. I have been updating to every new build of KDE hoping that more
> and more problems are going to be resolved. Thankfully all the major
> issues with KDE4 seem to be getting resolved but there are still some
> things that still look strange to me.

Yes KDE4.1 is excellent, I use the packages from kde-redhat.

> When I enable Desktop Effects kwin and xorg take about 30% of the CPU
> each. kwin sometimes takes as much as 80%, this is slowing down my
> machine heaps. Although I could just disable the desktop effects and
> resolve the problem I would rather give feedback to any KDE/Fedora
> developers out there and assist with the resolution of this issue.

Try disabling "VSync" in System Settings > Desktop > Advanced, this will drop 
the Kwin cpu usage.

There was also a bug causing heavy CPU use if you had the Lock/Logout widget 
in the Panel, but I think this could of been fixed now. I can't remember/find 
the Bug #'s off hand though.


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