KWin (KDE4 from rawhide) using way too much CPU

Colin J Thomson colin at
Sat Jul 12 12:13:59 UTC 2008


On Saturday 12 July 2008 12:23:31 Vini Engel wrote:

> Colin J Thomson said the following on 07/12/2008 08:30 PM:

> > On Saturday 12 July 2008 10:38:55 Vini Engel wrote:
> >> I believe many of the KDE users here might be using the rawhide build of
> >> KDE4. I have been updating to every new build of KDE hoping that more
> >> and more problems are going to be resolved. Thankfully all the major
> >> issues with KDE4 seem to be getting resolved but there are still some
> >> things that still look strange to me.
> >
> > Yes KDE4.1 is excellent, I use the packages from kde-redhat.
> Redhat meaning, not the ones from Fedora? You are actually running a
> Redhat distro as opposed to a Redhat sponsored distro?

I am running Fedora 9, and my KDE4.1 is provided by kde-redhat.
kde-redhat (Rex Dieter and others) provide up to date/testing KDE packages 
which I have used since RH8. and be sure to read his Blog :)

> >> When I enable Desktop Effects kwin and xorg take about 30% of the CPU
> >> each. kwin sometimes takes as much as 80%, this is slowing down my
> >> machine heaps. Although I could just disable the desktop effects and
> >> resolve the problem I would rather give feedback to any KDE/Fedora
> >> developers out there and assist with the resolution of this issue.
> >
> > Try disabling "VSync" in System Settings > Desktop > Advanced, this will
> > drop the Kwin cpu usage.
> I have just tried that, I didn't seem to have changed anything.

perhaps this is an Nvidia thing? it works for me on this box which has an 
Nvidia card/chipset running Livna's rpms.

I just ran a test:

No Vsync
[g6avk at localhost ~]$ top |grep kwin
 2596 g6avk     20   0  107m  28m  14m S  2.0  2.8   4:02.15 kwin
 2596 g6avk     20   0  107m  28m  14m R  2.0  2.8   4:02.21 kwin

With Vsync
[g6avk at localhost ~]$ top |grep kwin
 2596 g6avk     20   0  102m  28m  14m S 42.7  2.8   4:04.23 kwin
 2596 g6avk     20   0  102m  28m  14m R 39.2  2.8   4:05.41 kwin

Here is one of the bug reports:

> > There was also a bug causing heavy CPU use if you had the Lock/Logout
> > widget in the Panel, but I think this could of been fixed now. I can't
> > remember/find the Bug #'s off hand though.
> Maybe this is another bug, do you know how I would go about reporting it?

Most likely upstream to kde.bugs I guess? I would de a search there first 
though, at the moment I can't find the bug # for Lock/Logout one.

Good luck

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